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Long row of warning lights routine troubleshooting (a)

long row of warning lights routine troubleshooting
When a long row warning light fails, please understand electrical professionals in the following table to check if you still can not exclude Check with your local service center or contact our head office.

Turn lights have rotation
1, the light bulb filament breakage.
2, lamp axis oxidation, corrosion.
3, wick line circuit.
1, to replace the same type lamp.
2, rust or replace the lamp axis.
3, Connect the cable or replace the wick.
Turn light bulb
Turn lights do not turn
1, Motor poles line is broken.
2, motor burned out.
3, motor rotation is normal, copper sleeve on the motor loose, slipping.
4, volume dial or damaged skin.
5, light shaft for rust caused by turntable stuck.
1, Connect the motor lines.
2, to replace the same type motor.
3, replace the same model turntable or apron.
4, to replace the dial or apron.
5, Replace the lamp axis.
Turn lights do not turn
1, fuse is blown.
2, power supply circuit breaker.
3, control light switch or alarm control switch contacts is bad or damaged.
1, to replace the same type of insurance.
2, connect the power line cable.
3, replace the same model light control switch or alarm switch (such as MK211 < / span>, DKA-A02 light control switch)
Lamp does not flash
1, fuse is blown.
2, light bulbs burn out.
3, wick line is open circuit
4, control flash relay damage.
5, Long lights flashing small plate is damaged.
6, control the flashing lights switch is damaged
1, to replace the same type fuse, replace the light bulb of the same model.
2, to replace the wick line.
3, to replace the same type relay.
4, to replace the long lights flashing circuit boards.
5, Replace the control switch.

repair and maintenance
This product transportation and storage Note: You must light up with light, not on a wet storage places.
The alarm device belongs to electronic products, no sealing performance, a drop of water after the installation is prohibited to enter the alarm device, so please do not store a variety of wet objects on the alarm system.
As to meet the issues raised in the course of more than four, repair in accordance with the method described above.