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Lights routine troubleshooting

lights routine troubleshooting
When the lights failed, please understand electrical professionals in the following table to check if you still can not be ruled out, please contact with your local service center or our head office

Pulse flash (flash black halogen, LED lights) straight spotlight does not shine
1, the bar lamp, U-shaped tubes, halogen flashing LED light damage Ukraine
2, the connector is bad
1, replace the lamp (bulb)
2, the patch firmly installed parts, welding firm to touch the stable
All the lights are off and burned Insurance
An internal short circuit module
2, the power lines are wrong or warning lights internal power line shorted.
1, replace the module to exclude short-circuit
2. Replace the internal power cord.
& nbsp;
Speaker does not work
1, external alarm insurance burn
2, the speaker terminals off
& nbsp;
1, replace the fuse
2, the speaker terminals connected firmly secure
All the lights are off and the speaker does not work
Cable 1, sirens or lights dual controller through joint damage
& nbsp;
1, replacing the two-way connector to connect a siren

repair and maintenance
Maintenance table above, essentially similar. Maintenance: Finished should be placed in ventilated and dry place, and should be less than 8 layers stacked to avoid crushing the bottom of the lamp; handling should Qingtai light heavy weight do not hit the lampshade and other components in order to avoid injury. Inventory of finished more than two years, 2012 and should be re-examined to avoid some components or parts inside the lamp is not used for a long time and oxidation or aging and lead to a long overdue light does not work. In the repair process to gently lamp or to damage the internal parts; long lamp shade after a period of time required to scrub clean the wax to maintain gloss lamp light transmission.
Encounter problems such as the six raised during use, repair in accordance with the method described above.