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NANZHOU the company successfully completed two industrial parks

Chairman Li Jinyu in the loving care of, the energetic efforts of all my colleagues, the NANZHOU the company's two industrial parks successfully completed 20 days in advance. Marking the company's production scale, the new management has taken a regionalization.

The pace of diversification of the financial crisis

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Experienced healthy and rapid development of the South Island eleven technology companies, following the successful participation in the investment field, and made great achievements in the field of export and warning lamps on the basis of 2009 has taken a new step, even if the face of the current the impact of the global financial crisis, not rest on its laurels, actively planning new demand growth, and to get involved has a huge market potential of high-tech green lighting equipment industry.

South Island technology companies in the inception, determined to high-tech and high-quality product goals; to high-quality, efficient service and abide by its commitment to the goal; to standardize and information into management objectives; for the benefit of the community, to provide customers with safe, high quality products for enterprise mission; Saharan Africa and technology companies over the years accumulated precipitation of "truth-seeking, pragmatic and humane" spirit of enterprise. After a decade of effort and strive to become a warning lighting equipment in the field of prospective and guide. Involved in high-tech green lighting equipment industry is to determine the South Island technology companies after full market research and demonstration after. Restrict the industry to complement the existing energy supply fixed place, providing emergency relief at night without a fixed or fixed lighting weak lighting conditions, the site investigation, construction operations, incident handling, emergency repairs, mining operations, electrical repairs and inspection, repair and inspection of railway, public security, and other night-time border patrol operations demand mobile and portable lighting. Fire departments, police departments, police criminal investigation department, the electricity sector, mining, petroleum and petrochemical industries, the railway sector, the armed frontier departments, flood disaster prevention department, the municipal sector, the construction sector transportation and telecommunications, aerospace, airports and other mobile and portable lighting demand is very strong.

South Island technology companies rely on the inherent strength of the market in southern Zhejiang market network, by de-perfect sound management level and strong technical development, quality management, production systems and supply chain system, combined with professional, focused and marketing forces to take a more active and flexible business model, the development of new markets, I believe we can achieve the goal! Her development will Quanzhu South Island brand update contains, but also for the future development of large-scale lay a solid foundation for the South Island!