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NANZHOU the company successfully completed two industrial parks

Chairman Li Jinyu in the loving care of, the energetic efforts of all my colleagues, the NANZHOU the company's two industrial parks successfully completed 20 days in advance. Marking the company's production scale, the new management has taken a regionalization.

State Grid Corporation issued "on the strengthening of security and stability work of the emergency notice"

Release date:[2013-10-09]     Browse:956

September 27, the State Grid Corporation of safe and stable work of the forum held in Beijing. Task of the conference is to implement the spirit of the national production of television recent security conference calls, analyze the company's current security situation facing learn safety lessons from the accident occurred recently, raising awareness, clear requirements, serious responsibility, efforts to resolve the outstanding problems of the current safety work effectively prevent the occurrence of major accidents and ensure harmony and stability, and better for the overall economic and social development.

State Grid Corporation of party secretary, Liu Zhenya, general manager of an important speech. Company member, the commission in the discipline inspection team leader Zhu Xinmin company presided over the meeting. The chairman of the State Council accredited company Lu Yaohua, committee member, deputy general manager Chen conducted Zheng Baosen, Yueming, Shu India Biao, Cao Zhian, Luan military, corporate party members, chief accountant Li Ruge, assistant general manager, chief engineer, director, corporate headquarters various departments responsible comrades, each unit company main party responsible comrades, safety supervision departments responsible comrades attended the meeting.

The forum issued a "work on strengthening the security and stability of the emergency notice" (hereinafter referred to as the "Notice"). "Notice" requirement, October 6, the company will launch a company-wide Safety Day activities. From October 7, will use a month's time, carried out the investigation and management of security risks special action.