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NANZHOU the company successfully completed two industrial parks

Chairman Li Jinyu in the loving care of, the energetic efforts of all my colleagues, the NANZHOU the company's two industrial parks successfully completed 20 days in advance. Marking the company's production scale, the new management has taken a regionalization.

State Grid Column "Fortune" Global 100 is eligible for the first 55 ranked best in history

Release date:[2013-10-09]     Browse:1027
11 May 13, the US "Fortune" magazine published the 2008 Global 100 CSR rankings, National Grid, Sinopec, CNPC three Chinese companies short-listed, ranked 55, respectively position, the first 84, second 87. Among them, the National Grid ranking improved compared with 14 in 2007, to get Chinese companies ranked the best in history.

top companies located in 18 countries on three continents. Among them, 51 in Europe, the United States 31, 16 in Asia, Latin America 2. In selected Asian companies, Japan 8, South Korea 4, China 3 Malaysia 1. Top companies are from 10 industries, including financial services, computer and communications and electronics, petrochemical, automotive, utilities, commercial and retail, pharmaceuticals and health care, chemical and materials, postal logistics, raw materials. Among them, the largest enterprises selected four industries are financial 29, 17 computers and electronics, petrochemicals 17, car 12, the cumulative total of 75% of the selected companies. The future may enter the "Fortune" Global 100 list of the social responsibility of Chinese enterprises, is this year ranked the world's top 500 and 148 133 Industrial and Commercial Bank of China and China Mobile.

in the rankings, scoring more than 60 points or more companies a total of 12, which ranked first in the UK mobile phone operator Vodafone to score 77.7 points. The average score of the top 100 global corporate social responsibility was 45.4 points, compared with the previous year increased by about 15%, showing top companies in terms of social responsibility generally improved. In Asian companies, in addition to Japanese companies average score 48 points more than the average score than the global enterprise, Korea, China and Malaysia Corporate Average score did not reach global corporate average score.

In the short-listed three Chinese companies, the State Grid Corporation of China scored 45.9 points, compared with 2007 score increased by 15 points, more than the global corporate average score; Sinopec scoring 30.3 points over the previous year decreased 5.9 points to score. PetroChina scoring 29.1 points, an increase over last year scored 3.1 points. State Grid Corporation of scoring higher than No. 40 in the French bank Societe Generale difference 3.6 points, compared with No. 50 of the Credit Agricole just under a minute, is the highest score so far acquired Chinese companies.

"Fortune" Global 100 ranking of corporate social responsibility is mainly in the past, "Fortune" Global 500 companies in the top 100. Ranking criteria of social responsibility using AA Rating agency Standard British AccountAbility and CSRnetwork companies development, including corporate strategy, corporate governance and management, stakeholder participation, and so on four aspects of operational performance. The ranking is based on sources of information, mainly corporate social responsibility reports and other corporate information in English publicly available via the Internet.