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NANZHOU the company successfully completed two industrial parks

Chairman Li Jinyu in the loving care of, the energetic efforts of all my colleagues, the NANZHOU the company's two industrial parks successfully completed 20 days in advance. Marking the company's production scale, the new management has taken a regionalization.

Warm congratulations to the new Website!

Release date:[2013-10-09]     Browse:958
      After a month of hard work, Zhejiang NANZHOU Ltd. officially opened the new website in the 21st century is the information age, the opening of our new website marks the company once again in the information construction walk in the forefront of the industry!

          Zhejiang NANZHOU official opening of Science and Technology Co., the new Website, marking the South Island were determined to innovation and development, with a more innovative the image of the distinguished visitors to the South Africans to show the elegance, the company in the first time to provide convenient and efficient service to our customers as the goal.

    our years, South Africans have always had a desire, it is a safe and signal equipment in the field of expert-level enterprise, which is both; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp the goal of our work is also standard. Finally, let us strive for our goals and work standards.