Traffic Warning Light


South Island Classic traffic barricades warning lights cover made of high quality ABS material, do not fade, impact resistance, light control circuit built-in sensitivity in controlled conditions during the day and automatically turn off the light at night work automatically. Two parallel 4R25 battery-powered, energy saving. A variety of light sources optional Xenon incandescent bulbs, LED light tube, can continue to work in outdoor conditions.

Order Specification

Model Voltage Light Sources Color Package Size QTY Weight
LTB2131 DC6V Halogen 46.5*34.5*41 10pcs 10kg

Product Features

2 4R25 battery made using power, can work for 40 hours;

High brightness LED as the light source, Flashing, Steady burnOptional choose;

Built-in light control switch, dark ambient light automatically open, automatically shut down when the light;

Main Material: Lampshade-AS, the base -ABS;

Protection class: IP45;




  German imports of high-quality pulsed xenon lamp life of up to more than 50 million times. Machine no mechanical wear, no noise. High luminous efficiency, anti-background light, strong fog-penetrating capacity

Incandescent bulbs  
  Incandescent light bulbs with high-quality, illumination > 800Lx, life > 1000 hours.

LED light tube  
  High brightness LED Strobe warning lights, high visibility, use without maintenance..Continuous three-strobe flash quickly form a strong visual impact, warning better