Electronic siren


Product novel structure, attractive appearance, excellent performance, full-featured, easy to operate, safe and reliable, ultra-thin design, closer to the interior decoration, exudes a sense of elegance. Applicable to all kinds of vehicles. This series of vehicle electronic siren mainly by "GB8108-1999 car electronic siren" standard design and production. Monolithic integrated circuit, more stable performance, reliable; along with security, fire, clear the way, engineering, ambulance, Ambassador, whistle, bass, PA, a variety of alarm sound output; an inner light-emitting display function; panel with two light control switch can be set with a long row of supporting the use of warning lights.

Order Specification

Model: CJB100CD
Voltage: DC12V
Power: 100W
Sound pressure: 110~120dB
Alarm sound function: Assistance, to clear the way, ambulance, fire, security, whistle, bass, engineering, Ambassador delay 
Outer Package Size:  




Audition Center

电子警报器(CJB系列 多音)-治安
电子警报器(CJB系列 多音)-治安2
电子警报器(CJB系列 多音)-消防
电子警报器(CJB系列 多音)-汽笛2
电子警报器(CJB系列 多音)-救护车1
电子警报器(CJB系列 多音)-交通
电子警报器(CJB系列 多音)-工程
电子警报器(CJB系列 多音)-防空2